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Mindbodygreen: Superfood or Supernutrition?

Blueberries, avocados, pomegranates … these are great ingredients to incorporate into a healthy diet. But a true superfood delivers on a bigger promise of more complete nutrition. Find out why in Jeff’s latest article for Mindbodygreen.

Why We Need To Rethink The Word "Superfood," From A Functional Medicine Expert

As I thought about this article, I remembered my time visiting the mindbodygreen offices, where all of the conference rooms are named after those delightful superfoods we all know and love. The last thing I want to do is disparage these ingredients or discourage anyone from incorporating them into their diet.

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Mindbodygreen: Bitter is Better for Immunity

What does health taste like? Bitter foods can trigger an entirely different physiological response than sweet ones. Find out how in our latest article for Mindbodygreen.

Bitter Foods May Be Key To Better Immunity, Says This Functional Medicine Expert

So how do you get more bitterness into your diet? You're likely already doing it. Think about coffee, or grapefruit, or the hops in beer. These are all bitter foods with an array of established health benefits. I've been working closely with Himalayan Tartary buckwheat through my new company, Big Bold Health.

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Natural Products Insider: Big and Bold About Immunity

It’s all here — rejuvenating the immune system instead of boosting it, personalizing your immune health with immuno-identities, and building an organic crop of Himalayan Tartary buckwheat to heal the planet. Jeff Bland gets big and bold about immune health with Todd Runestad on his podcast at Natural Products Insider. 

Jeff Bland gets big and bold about immune health - podcast

ToddCast Vol. XXVIII: COVID times are accelerating the health care paradigm, and the leading thinker on functional medicine and personalized nutrition is leading the charge. Immune boosting is so 20 th century. Think immune rejuvenation. Think training your immune system like you would build muscle for fitness.

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Nutraingredients: Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat

Nutraingredients asked about our first commercial crop of certified organic Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat. Here’s the story of our first 120 acres, with more to come.

Big Bold Health brings in first crop of organic Tartary buckwheat

The plant ( Fagopyrum tataricum) ​differs from common buckwheat in several respects, including in its concentration of a molecule called 2-HOBA, which is said to foster immune fitness by improving vascular system function. The ingredient was discovered via the work of Dr Naji Abumrad, MD, a surgeon at Vanderbilt University.

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Giveaway! Enter for a Chance to Win!

[This contest has ended. Congratulations to our winners, Donald J and Sandra G.]

‘Tis the season for immune resilience!

Stop boosting, start rejuvenating, and spread some of your good health holiday cheer to others. Between now and December 17th, enter to win a complete set of Big Bold Health’s immuno-rejuvenation product line for yourself, PLUS an additional set for you to gift to a friend or loved one.

It’s easy to enter, with a variety of ways you can earn points toward your chance of winning. Simply follow the steps below!

Giveaway runs through December 17, 2020. Two winners will be chosen randomly and announced at the conclusion of the contest on the Big Bold Health website. No purchase necessary to win. For full rules of entry, please see the Terms & Conditions link above. Winners announced on December 21, 2020.

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Mindbodygreen: How to Train Your Immune System

You can take control of your immune function, just like you would take control of your diet or an exercise routine. You can build resilience in your immune response, just like you build muscle. Find out how in our latest article for Mindbodygreen.

I Study Personalized Immunity & Here's How To Train Your Immune System

Father of Functional Medicine By Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. Pandemic. Twindemic. Your immune system is all over the headlines, and it can seem like a scary story. After many years' experience in personalized, functional medicine, I've got a more hopeful story to tell.

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Mindbodygreen: How to Feed Your Immune System

Mindbodygreen asked us to unpack a big word — immunometabolism — so we did just that. Find out why different immune cells prefer different diets, and learn how to feed yours accordingly.

Your Metabolism & Immunity Are Inextricably Linked: Here's Why It Matters

Immunometabolism is one facet of the larger story unfolding around immunity. I've previously written about how immunity is everything, and so much more than a seasonal concern around cold and flu. The new thinking around immunity is about rejuvenation, balance, and resilience. It's not about a quick boost.

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Mindbodygreen: Resilience-Making in a Volatile World

Resilience. It’s the ability to bounce back from whatever signals the world throws your way. Learn more about this key to immune health with this new article by Jeff Bland, over on Mindbodygreen.

What Immune Resilience Actually Means & Why Our Health Depends On It

To repeat-your immune health depends on the planet's immune health. When both get healthier, there is abundance and plenty of reserves left in the tank to handle the wild cards to come. When either gets stuck in cycles of degradation and inflammation, then we all stay stuck as a species.

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Nutraingredients: Introducing 2-HOBA

Let’s talk shop and dig into the story behind 2-HOBA, a powerful phytonutrient delivered by Himalayan tartary buckwheat. Find out why 2-HOBA is a cornerstone for delivering on the promise of immuno-rejuvenation.

Ingredient from buckwheat shows immune fitness promise via unique pathway, developer asserts

The ingredient was discovered via the work of Dr Naji Abumrad, MD, a surgeon at Vanderbilt University. The ingredient's development was until recently housed within a company called Metabolic Technologies, which is a spinoff of Iowa State University.

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Goop: Being Jeff Bland

Jeff Bland landed on the podcast over at Gywneth Paltrow’s Goop. Listen in for Jeff’s latest thinking on immuno-rejuvenation, regenerative agriculture, and our favorite super-plant, Himalayan tartary buckwheat.

Getting to the Root Cause | Goop

"There is a system that is a sustainable new business model in which health becomes the determinant," says Jeffrey Bland, PhD. "Not just production per unit acre." Bland, who is known as the father of functional medicine, joins host Elise Loehnen for a wide-ranging conversation on how long-defended systems (in medicine and elsewhere) have failed and how we can make them work and make them just.