What is Immuno-Rejuvenation?

What is Immuno-Rejuvenation?

Immunity is a Superpower. Let’s unpack that concept!

Inside your body, your immune system is your surveillance force. It’s on duty 24/7, and it’s constantly being restocked (more than a million new immune cells every ten seconds). The very biology of immunity—the mechanics of it, the automated sequence of events that plays out constantly, the way this system connects to every other system in the body—truly makes it one of nature’s greatest works. A superpower within each and every one of us.

For centuries, people—even scientists—didn’t understand immunity. They just knew that some folks recovered from illnesses, while others—millions and millions of them—did not. Over time, mystery after mystery was solved. Antibiotics have been hailed as one of the greatest discoveries to ever benefit mankind; countless lives are saved every day because of them. And yet, some wonders of the immune system are still being revealed.

Here’s one fact that has only recently come to light: the immune system has a memory. It’s true! As we age and our immune system ages along with us, damage can occur within our cells. Even though new cells are constantly produced, damaged ones can accumulate. This problem of debris in a system that was designed to run with tremendous efficiency is now being linked to some of the most common issues people struggle with in our modern, fast-paced world: fatigue and low energy, disrupted sleep, skin trouble and allergies, stress, mood, brain fog, and an overall lack of vitality.

How do we break a cycle that may be causing immune dysfunction within us? Can we tune up our superpower and reset our cellular memory? Yes! We call it Immuno-Rejuvenation and it has three steps:

  1. To tune up, you must tune in. Get to know your body better. There are multiple things you can track using simple questions and a few minutes of time. If you’re ready to get started, we’ve developed a quick quiz and a convenient and secure way to store your results.

  2. Feed your superpower. Food and nutrients are the source of human energy. Not only is what you eat important, but also when you eat. When you complete the Immuno-Rejuvenation Quiz, you’ll receive our free downloadable food plan and recipe guide, which also includes information about time-restricted eating.

  3. Define your personal health objective and unlock achievements. Health means different things to different people. Your goal is very personal and using it as your guide will allow you to stay focused on what matters most to YOU. You can add your health aspiration to your Big Bold Health profile. Keep it updated—new milestones can level up your motivation!
Resilience, strength, longevity. A new superhero adventure in the making? Yes. Your own.