What is Immuno-Rejuvenation?

What is Immuno-Rejuvenation?

Resilience is the real story of immunity, and it’s a story your body wants to hear every day.

The immune response is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It translates the outside world for your body, so that you can live an abundant and healthy life. You make a million new immune cells every ten seconds, so, if you think about it, this means you make yourself a new immune system every 100 days.

You can rebuild the system you already have, or you can take steps to build a better one. We believe in immuno-rejuvenation, in a better immune system grounded in healthy behaviors, healthy food, and supplements that nourish people, plants, and the planet.

The mechanics of immunity are so elegant that every living thing on Spaceship Earth — from soil to sea, from plants to planet — has its own immune system. Like the Protea flower, a symbol we’ve chosen at Big Bold Health to tell the right stories about immunity.

The Protea, with its intricate petals and patterns of color, is a survivor. The leaves stand up straight and tall. The stems are durable and hardy. When wildfires burn through a landscape where Protea flowers once grew, you soon see new buds emerge from the plants’ scorched outer shells. It’s a stunning display of regeneration and rejuvenation.

You and the Protea have something in common. You were born for resilience, with an immune system designed to get you there.

Welcome to the Big Bold Health coIMMUNITY. Let’s rethink immunity together.