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Our Mission

To revolutionize the way the world
thinks about immune health.

We are miraculous organisms created through eons of evolution. Born pure, with energetic bodies and curious minds.

Bound to nature

Together we flow in harmony, from the micro to the macro. But there are forces that have frayed this bond. Toxins, stress, isolation, and fear have knocked us off balance. The debris of life has severed our vital connections.

What has unraveled, the harmony of nature can mend.

The power to restore

In the soil and sea lie elements with astonishing properties. The power to restore. To rejuvenate. To rebuild, cell by cell. That’s why we cultivate nature’s purest elements at their height of potency. Sourced with extraordinary care to regenerate the whole.

Grounded in science millions of years in the making.

Our immune system is the body’s gateway to the health and abundance of our planet.

We are a team of doctors, researchers, nutritionists, and natural products experts committed to restoring human health through the boundless power of nature.


Jeffrey Bland, PhD
Founder & President
Michelle Babb, MS, RD, CD
Food Lab
Kelly Bland
Sales & Practitioners
Johnny Bowden, PhD, CNS
Healthy Aging Advisor
Marc Brush
Corporate Development
Arti Chandra, MD
Clinical Studies
Beth Conti
Finance & Accounting
Amy Erickson
Marketing & Communications
Trish Eury
Annette Giarde
Dustin Hatcher
Customer Experience
Gillian Martin
Customer Experience
Breana Minnitti
Conor Murphy
Digital Strategy
Austin Perlmutter, MD
Managing Director, Science, R&D
Mary Purdy, MS, RDN
Emily Reiss, PhD
Soil Science
Barb Schiltz, RN, MS, CN
Food Lab
Tiffany Wen
Natalie Young
Digital Strategy


Tom Aarts
Nutrition Business Advisors
Susan Bland
Institute for Functional Medicine
Dan Ripma
S2G Ventures
Walter Robb
Stonewall Robb
Brooke Wade
Wade Capital
Steve Wiggins
Wiggins Ventures
Big Bold Insights
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