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A better way to breakfast

Is breakfast overrated?

A big breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Actually, many health experts have contested the idea that we should start our day with a big meal, or even start the day with food at all.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be in the morning, since it literally just means the meal where you break the overnight fast. And many are now opting to postpone breakfast until later in the day (a type of fasting called time-restricted eating). Time-restricted eating is being studied in a number of human and animal models. In early research, it’s been linked to positive immune effects.

Most “breakfast” is actually dessert

The majority of “typical” breakfast foods — things like cereals, danishes, croissants, orange juice, flavored yogurts, and even oatmeal — might not be so great for health promotion, since they tend to be either packed with sugar or rapidly convert to sugar in the bloodstream. (Or both!) In fact, some popular cereal brands may have as much as 12 grams of sugar per cup — that’s 3 sugar cubes!

Finding better options

When it's time to break the overnight fast, many health experts recommend looking for nutrient-rich foods that don’t spike blood sugar excessively. Mixing protein, healthy fat and fiber is one way to ensure both of those criteria are met.

Eggs, nuts, plain yogurts and non-starchy vegetables may all be good options, depending on a person’s eating preferences. And for those on the go or looking for an easy solution, finding a tasty protein shake without added sugar may be worth a try.

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